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Do you come out and fit at a place of our choice?
Yes, we fit anywhere in Kent, Essex, Sussex, Surrey and South London.

Do you supply and fit?
Yes we are able to supply and fit from any of our suppliers mentioned.

I have bought a kit from somewhere else, will you fit them for me ?
Yes if you purchase a parking sensor kit from else where we will fit it for you

Can you paint the sensors?
Yes, as long as we have your paint code we can paint the sensors.

Do you have reversing cameras to fit trucks?
Yes we have systems to fit trucks and trucks with trailers.

Are you able to fit reversing cameras to fleets of trucks or plant nationwide ?
Yes we have a link to a nationwide company that offer reversing camera fitting.

Can you fit a camera into our vehicle sat nav?
Yes using a Nav tv camera interface we can fit cameras to some vehicle sat nav systems.

Would you recommend any make of system over another?
No, in our opinion all the systems work as good as the each other, the difference is your preference.


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